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Early Orthodontic treatment for kids. Serving Farmington, UT & surrounding areas.

Two-Phase Treatment
Occasionally, in our office, we use a two-phase treatment for younger patients (typically ages 8-11) who have unhealthy and dysfunctional bites that may cause a more complex treatment later on. The reason for a two-phase approach is to maximize our opportunity to provide your child with a functional and healthy smile that will last them for a lifetime. This is why our office and the American Association of Orthodontics recommends an orthodontic examination at age seven.
Child orthodontics Defay
Phase OneThe foundation for function
The purpose of phase one treatment is to help the jaw and baby teeth move in a way that will accommodate the growth of all permanent teeth and to improve how the upper and lower teeth fit together. There are many young patients who do not have the proper room to accommodate the growth of permanent teeth. By creating space we can avoid crowding of the front teeth and the need for possible extractions of the permanent teeth later on. There are also many patients who have disproportionate upper or lower jaw growth that can cause improper bites. Improper bites can cause wear on the teeth and can instigate early jaw problems. By moving the teeth and jaw into proper alignment during key growth periods we can prevent possible surgical procedures to realign the jaw in the future.

Resting Period
Once we have accomplished our goal for the first phase of treatment we will remove the appliances and you will go into a resting period. During the period you will be in retainers and we will monitor you as the rest of your permanent teeth erupt.

Phase TwoHealth and confidence
The purpose of the second phase is to align all of the permanent teeth so that they are in congruence with the entire mouth and facial profile. By establishing proper alignment the teeth will function with full capacity and we will provide you with a functional and attractive smile. Once the second phase is accomplished we will place retainers to ensure the retention of your beautiful and healthy smile.

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