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What is a TAD?

Dr. Defay is well-trained and experienced in the use of Orthodontic Mini-Implants (often called Temporary Anchorage Devices, or “TADs”).  This is a new advanced technology in orthodontics that is used in correlation with braces to help to move teeth in more effective ways, allowing the best results possible. TADS are small titanium-alloy screws that allow orthodontists to overcome some limitations and perform very difficult tooth movements in a predictable and effective manner. TADS may serve as an anchorage point for patients who may be missing teeth. They may also be used for tooth up-righting, space closure of missing permanent teeth, open bite correction, and reducing gummy smiles.



How is a TAD placed?

TADs are placed in the bone that is between the roots of the teeth. Placement is done in the office by Dr. Defay and can be completed by using topical anesthetic. A special instrument is used to gently insert the TAD directly into the bone. Once the TAD is placed Dr. Defay is able to use the TAD as Orthodontic anchorage. This procedure offers minimal to no discomfort because there are no nerve endings in the bone tissue. Once treatment is completed the TAD will be removed.


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